About Chem-Plate Industries

Martin Straus founded Chem-Plate Industries over thirty years ago, and since then, it has blossomed from a company employing four people to a company employing hundreds. In those early years, the company produced mainly for the automotive fastener market, but with Martin Straus’ guidance, it soon pushed into services such as heat treating, induction hardening, and sorting. Chem-Plate Industries’ customer service team maintains the company’s reputation for quick and efficient work by expediting important orders, tracking orders and shipments, and assigning each account a service agent to ensure ease of communication.

Before his success with Chem-Plate Industries, founder and current CEO Martin Straus prepared himself with a thorough education in addition to his prior valuable work experience. In 1970, he graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During his time as an undergraduate, he worked as a plater at the American Electroplating Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, gaining hands-on knowledge about the industry in which he would establish his business. After college, he took several positions, including manager at an Israeli bicycle manufacturer, a salesperson in Chicago, and a position at 3M.

All this culminated in Martin Straus’ decision in November of 1978, to start Chem-Plate Industries, which then specialized in the process of zinc plating. At that time, plating fasteners using the traditional cyanide solution method presented numerous difficulties not relevant to the acid zinc chloride method. Currently, Aaron Straus, son of the founder, runs much of the day-to-day business of the company in his role as general manager. Meanwhile, Martin Straus tries to spend any time he can spare in the lab at Chem-Plate Industries, testing ideas that could ensure the company’s success far into the future.

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